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Red Lion Marine operates a small fleet of multipurpose workboats moored on the River Tees

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RLM Cerberus

RLM Cerberus is the latest addition to the Red Lion Marine fleet, boasting a multiple use open deck with over a ton load capacity, coding for 14 persons and an efficient speed of over 20knts. 

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RLM Luff Way

The RLM Luff Way, named after a safe passage through the scars at Redcar, has been converted by the Red Lion Marine team from a retired Pilot Cutter to a comfortable safety / standby vessel and working platform.


RLM Alpha

Our Alpha class vessel boasts a renowned design from Tornado Ribs, a 5.8m versatile boat that is often used to complement our larger vessel as a fast rescue craft. Alpha’s primary area of operation is within harbour limits, rivers & inland waterways however the vessel can be coded to Category 3 for sea going duties.

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Yokohama Fenders 6.0m x 2.5m

Stationed at our Port Clarence Base, we can now offer 2 Yokohama Fenders that can be mobilised by sea or road. 

Please contact us for day rates & mobilisation fees.


Salvage Pumps

3" & 2" Petrol pumps capable of moving over 160 gallons per minute. Our equipment has been utilised previously to assist a vessel with water ingress and remain at a state of readiness for future needs. 


Slix Stretcher

Ideal for environments where access and egress is an issue, our Slix stretcher acts as an additional mitigation for casualty evacuation, fully certified for lifting from the deck. 

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Used as pool equipment between our vessels, RLM can provide an ponboard De-Fib at client request. 

Vessels & Equipment: Rentals
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