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Gone with the wind...

18th November, 2021

Red Lion Marine Ltd is happy to announce that we have entered into a long term agreement with a local Teesside based training provider to supply training vessels for their offshore wind courses.

Following a trial period in 2020, during lockdown, Red Lion Marine was able to provide covid secure craft with adequate deck space and social distancing measures for the required scope, to which we have agreed to continue on a rolling basis.

Going forward our workboat RLM Luff Way will be utilised several times a month as a platform for course candidates to execute the practical elements of their GWO Training and refresher courses.

Manager Nathan Lee said: ‘Our agreement is a great example of larger national companies supporting local businesses. This work scope not only keeps our vessels on the move but also our crews in work for the foreseeable future. The wind industry is moving forward at a formidable pace and we’re pleased to be able to support that momentum alongside our local Teesside based training centre.’


That's a wrap!

4th November 2021

RLM Luff Way has been hosting a Dutch film crew this afternoon, showcasing various parts of the Tees & Middlesbrough. We’re looking forward to the release next year!


Team Red Lion takes to the ring

26th October 2021

Red Lion Marine has sponsored local Crewman Jack Robinson during the preparation for his Premier Boxing Championship Middleweight boxing at the end of October, which he went onto win!

Jack started on the River Tees as a deckhand onboard the Pilot Cutters before moving up to take charge of the vessel’s engine room. During his spare time he enjoys amateur boxing to which Red Lion Marine is pleased to support his journey going forward. 

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RLM Pledges clean up support

October 1st, 2021

Red Lion Marine is pleased to pledge our support to a recently founded group dedicated to cleaning up the South Gare.

The South Gare breakwater is home to a number of birds and marine life whilst also acting as the first line of defence for the channel into the Tees with a lighthouse standing 16m high on the very end. 

We have provided both tools and a small donation to aid their efforts going forward and we’ll continue to do so in the future. 

You can follow their progress on Facebook here.

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To Infinity and beyond!

September 28th, 2021

That's a wrap! Our workboats have recently completely a brief campaign supporting lighting alignment works on the Infinity Bridge at Stockton. Both of our crafts were deployed on overnight duty to provide safety cover for the rope access teams working outside of the bridge handrails in conjunction with the designers situated along the river banks.

The campaign concluded without incident and the bridge is ready to shine on through the coming winter months.

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Fit for duty

August 28th, 2021

Red Lion Marine is pleased to receive approval from the Canal & River Trust to operate our vessels on the inland water ways of the Tees.

Our permit now sees both craft available to cover various scopes upriver of the Tees Barrage making RLM one of the few companies able to operate on the inland stretches. We look forward to working with the Canal River Trust in the future!


Conversion completion

June 10th 2021

We’re happy to declare that our first workboat conversion is officially completed! Red Lion Marine has successfully spent the last 12 months refitting our ex Pilotage Vessel ‘Osprey’ which included a number of works compromising of a new crew mess & galley, upgraded navigation suite, renewed wheelhouse internals and a hull sand blast with subsequent remedial works. A vessel with a new lease of life deserves a new name to which the Osprey will now be called ‘RLM Luff Way’, named after a local safe passage between the scars at Redcar.

Manager Nathan Hobday said: “I’m proud to welcome the completed vessel into the Red Lion ranks as our primary work boat. This vessel is a prime craft for safety and standby work on a river that is boasting with potential. The addition of facilities onboard means our crew can remain comfortable and alert throughout the duration of the shift, increasing the service to our prospective clients. Furthermore the conversion works have been completed both by the RLM team and local contractors, keeping local businesses in work during this difficult climate, a good job all round.”


RLM Sets a new course

5th April 2020

At the start of 2020 RLM opted to expand the company horizons by returning to its roots in the small craft and workboat market. As a result our first vessel was brought into the company in the form of a retired Pilot Cutter, the ‘Osprey’. Built to serve Liverpool Pilotage Service before supplying drilling rigs off Great Yarmouth, Osprey's career finally came to an end on the Thames.

RLM took the opportunity in February to purchase the vessel and relocate her to the Teesport for a full refit, ready to start work later in the year.

In March RLM added a further asset to the fleet in the form of a 5.8m Tornado rib which will support our larger craft on future work scopes, giving a diverse a multi functional range of vessel class.